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"My wife and I had a great experience with Lansing Removal Services. From their initial estimate and tree health assessment to the tree removal project our property needed, they exceeded expectations. Even when they required a crane to complete the work, the crew was efficient, incredibly knowledgeable, and professional."
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Why Lansing Turns to Us For Their Tree Services

Top-Rated Tree Services in Lansing

We keep residential and commercial landscapes beautiful with our tree care services
Our tree removal services keep the residents of Lansing safe
We perform land clearing services so that industry continues to grow in Lansing

Our Team Loves Michigan Trees 

We love the beautiful landscape of Lansing and work hard to preserve it
Our tree services keep the ecosystems beautiful and healthy to protect our customers
We love the smile that our tree services bring our satisfied customers

We're Lansing Residents #1 Choice

Our company has provided tree services in Lansing for 20 years
We have a highly skilled team of arborists who provide fast friendly service
Our customers consistently rank us #1 for tree service

Our Outstanding Lansing Tree Removal Company - Tree Service is Our Middle Name.

Lansing is a great place to enjoy nature. There are numerous parks and nature trails located throughout the city, filled with breath-taking views. Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service aims to be an essential part of keeping this town's landscape beautiful. Our tree removal company has been serving Lansing and the surrounding communities of East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte, Michigan for 20 years. We provide tree care services such as tree trimming, pruning, shaping, planting, transplanting, cabling, and bracing. Our arborists also trim shrubs and treat trees for disease and pests. When necessary our team can also complete tree removal, root removal, and stump removal services.

Are you in Lansing and need our tree services? Contact one of our tree experts today for a free quote.

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We Keep Trees Healthy From Root to Limb.

Our Top-Of-The-Line Tree Service in Lansing

Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service has provided top-rated tree services in Lansing and the surrounding communities of East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte, Michigan for 20 years. We provide tree care, removal, and clearing services to residents and businesses throughout greater Lansing.

Tree Removal

Do you have a tree on your property that appears to be dead? Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service providestree removal services so that you don’t have to worry about a tree falling on your property or your valuables. We offer tree removal, stump grinding, root removal, and more.

Tree Care

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for a tree to fall or shrubs to die before utilizing our tree services? We provide a variety of tree care services designed to keep your trees healthy including trimming and disease treatment. Expect great service every time.

Land Clearing

As arborists, we are committed to preserving the life of trees. However, we do understand that progress and growth are essential to society. Therefore, we work with builders and agriculturalists for land clearing necessary for building properties and growing resources.
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How Our Lansing Tree Service Process Works

When you need tree care, removal, or clearing services for your home or business, you can count on the arborists at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service. Here is a snapshot of how our tree services process works.

Step 1


The first step in the process is to schedule an appointment to have one of our trained arborists come out and inspect the trees on your property. During this initial call, we'll ask you a few basic questions about services required. Once you're on our schedule, we can truly get started.
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Step 2


Our Lansing arborist will come out and examine the trees on your property. They will check the soil, check the trees' structural integrity, and check for the presence of pests or disease. This process ensures an accurate quote for tree services.
Step 3


After our arborist inspects your trees and assesses the trees' health, they will create a quote for all the work that needs to be done to ensure your trees' continued health. Once you agree to these costs, our arborists will schedule another day to come back to perform the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most customers tend to call a tree service when an emergency such as a tree has fallen on their property. But we offer more than just fallen tree removal services. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the tree services we offer. If your question is not here, feel free to check out our tree service blog or give us a call today!

What other services do you offer besides tree removal?

Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service offers tree care services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, tree planting, tree transplanting, shrub trimming, cabling, and bracing and tree treatments, such as disease and pest control. We also offer tree clearing services for commercial and agricultural customers.

How often should I have the trees on my property inspected?

We recommend that you have your trees inspected every 3-5 years. However, if you are concerned about your trees' safety at any time, we will come out and inspect them and figure out the best course of action to take.

If branches keep falling from my tree, does it mean that the tree is dead?

Falling branches don’t indicate that the tree is dead. It could suggest that it needs trimming and pruning because it is overwhelmed with branches. Occasionally a tree will shed parts of itself to be able to sustain itself. Another thing it could indicate is that there are pests or there is a disease present. In either case, having us do a routine tree inspection will allow us to get a better picture and address the issue accordingly.

About Our Lansing Tree Removal Services

Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service has provided tree care, removal, and clearing services throughout the greater Lansing area for 20 years. It is our utmost duty to protect the trees in this community. However, if the tree poses a threat to your life or property, we must remove it. Check out some of our popular tree removal services.

Exceptional Tree Cutting Services

Has that old faithful oak in your back yard been showing signs that it is aging and that it's time to retire? Tree cutting for your Lansing tree may be necessary. Falling branches, decay, and little or no leaves could signify that this tree is on its last leg. One more storm and this tree could end up falling in your yard or worst yet; it could fall on your home. Before a significant catastrophe arises, allow us to inspect your tree to see if we should cut it down. Our certified arborists are ready to provide you with a free quote on tree cutting today.
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An arborist performing tree cutting service in Lansing, MI
Tree root removal service in Lansing, MI

Lansing Tree Root Removal - Don't Let Roots Come About Ground!

How do you know when you require tree root removal in Lansing? Well, for starters, are your tree roots coming above ground and causing damage to your sidewalk or yard? Don’t let these wild, ugly roots keep wreaking havoc on you and your neighbor’s yard, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. The tree experts at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service have dealt with all types of tree problems in our 20 years of business.

Allow us to determine the best way to get this tree root problem under control. Contact one of our arborists today for a free inspection and quote.
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Trusted Limb & Branch Removal Services

Suppose limbs and branches are growing so much that they are encroaching on your neighbor's yard or they are damaging your roof. Tree branch removal in Lansing becomes essential to remove the excess so that you won't be responsible for costly damages in your yard. It wouldn't be a good idea to hire amateurs, however. They could remove your limbs and branches, but they could also damage the tree. A damaged tree could make matters worse by eventually falling on you or your neighbor's property. In that case, you'd require emergency tree service.

Don't let amateurs make a mess of your yard! Contact the pros at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service for a free inspection and estimate today. Expect a professional job at a fair price.
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Arborists removing limbs and branches - tree service in Lansing, MI
Stump removal tree service in Lansing, MI

Efficient Stump Removal for Your Lansing Property

Are you one of those homeowners who has a tree stump in your yard that you keep forgetting to remove? Without tree stump removal in Lansing, your tree stumps can grow harmful plant life that can be dangerous or become nesting places for mice, termites, and snakes. If you are having trouble with these pests getting into your home each year, it may be due to your stump's proximity to your home.

Instead of continually paying pest control companies to get rid of these pests, consider getting rid of the stump that's attracting them. Contact our tree removal company today for a free quote.


Get Our Shrub Removal Services to Rid Yourself Critters and Pests

Are you terrified of the biting, crawling, disgusting things that will be coming from your dead shrub this spring and summer? You don’t have to be. Our team of tree professionals is ready to help you get rid of that pest-infested shrub causing an eyesore in your yard with Lansing, MI shrub removal. You won’t have to bear another year of fighting off mosquitos and other critters while trying to enjoy a moment of peace on your porch or while entertaining your friends and family. 

Contact one of our arborists today so that you can get a free quote on shrub removal. Our workers complete every job in a timely manner and provide free estimates.
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Shrub removal in Lansing, MI
Land clearing in Lansing, MI

We Provide Professional Commercial Tree Services in Lansing

At Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service, we have become popular for the tree care and removal services we provide to residents in and around Lansing. However, we also offer these same tree services to commercial customers. Another service we provide to commercial customers is land clearing for businesses looking to develop or expand.

Are you a business in Lansing that needs our top-rated commercial tree services? Contact one of our tree professionals today for a free estimate on tree service in Lansing, MI!


Call for Tree Service - Lansing, MI & Surrounding Areas

Do you need a fallen tree removed from your property? Or is that pesky shrub turning your yard into an eyesore? Don’t worry. The expert arborists at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service can help. We provide tree care services, tree removal services, and tree clearing services for residential and commercial customers in our service areas that include the following cities and towns:

East Lansing
Grand Ledge
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Tree Removal Can Be a Dangerous Job But Not For Our Certified Expert Arborists.

Don’t rely on amateurs to fulfill your tree service needs. Rely on Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service who has served the greater Lansing community for 20 years. Call (517) 790-0660 Now!
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