When Should Tree Trimming in Lansing Be Done?

January 23, 2022

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Tree trimming can do a great job at making your landscaping look superb. However, did you know that tree trimming provides more than aesthetic value? Tree trimming is a way for arborists to protect the structure of your tree. If too many branches and limbs build on a tree, it interferes with the proper growth of the tree. Branches that are part of the structural part of the tree have to compete with the excess limbs and branches for adequate food and nutrition. This could lead to parts of the tree falling in your yard. It could also cause the tree to collapse.

Unfortunately, your home insurance plan might not cover some fallen trees or falling limbs that damage your property. If adjusters perform a check and discover that you have not given proper tree care, they could deny a claim. Therefore, homeowners must get tree care in Lansing regularly, or you could end up with damages that you'll have to pay for out of pocket. This guide helps you learn more about the process and when to trim your trees to protect yourself and your property from tree damage. 

The Importance of Tree Trimming

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Trees are a critical part of our ecosystem. They help defend against climate change, and they are essential to our very existence on earth. But when trees are close to our homes and other property, they can present a threat. For example, if your tree gets infected by diseases such as verticillium wilt, powdery mildew, or dutch elm disease could cause trees to lose their leaves or weaken their structure. Likewise, pests like the Emerald ash borer, European gypsy moth, or carpenter ants can infest a tree and structurally compromise it. Disease and pests can weaken the tree's structure and make it susceptible to falling during high winds, heavy snow, or rainstorms.

Disease and pests aren't the only way trees can be ruined. In the wild, trees take care of themselves, and their survival depends on how much they can absorb nutrients from the ground and sunlight. A tree in the wild that can't survive will fall. However, since there is no property or human life around it, it won't cause damage. Unfortunately, when trees are on residential or commercial property, people assume that they can care for themselves. Trees are relatively independent, but sometimes, they can experience an overgrowth of branches and limbs. This can be dangerous around people and property because the heavy limbs and branches can fall and cause injury or property damage. Overgrowth can even weaken the structure of the entire tree and cause it to collapse completely. 

Keeping your tree trimmed regularly prevents this overgrowth of branches and limbs and optimal tree care. This isn't something that amateurs should handle, however. While it may look like arborists randomly remove branches, they are very systematic in their approach. They know how a solid tree structure looks and can choose the branches that need removal. The extra branches they remove won't hurt the tree. However, if an amateur trims a tree, they may cut down vital branches, compromising the tree's structure. They could also trim the tree too often, leading to structural damage. 

How Often Should Your Lansing Trees Be Trimmed

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You can have your trees trimmed at any point in their development. However, if you get a tree trimmed when it is young, an arborist can help shape its growth and avoid problems as it develops. A problem you can expect from an inappropriately trimmed developing tree is the development of V-shaped crotches. This formation makes trees vulnerable to collapse during a storm. Even though the tree is healthy, high winds or heavy snow can put the tree at risk. Sometimes an arborist will use cabling and bracing to fix this problem. Otherwise, they may recommend you remove the tree entirely. 

 It would help if you had your mature trees trimmed every three to five years. Developing trees need trimming every two to three years. Also, the best time for arborists to perform tree trimming is usually in winter. The tree is dormant in winter and can quickly heal from the arborist's cuts to remove unnecessary branches and limbs. However, when trimmed during other seasons, open wounds can cause disease or even pest infestations. 

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If you haven't had the trees on your property trimmed, now may be a good time to start. Keeping your trees trimmed can help you avoid damages from fallen branches. It may even prevent a tree from falling on your house or property. The tree experts at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service are enthusiastic about working with you. Besides tree trimming, we also provide tree care services and tree removal services in Lansing and the surrounding communities of East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte. So, if you are ready for tree trimming in Lansing, call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote. 


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