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My wife and I had a great experience with Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service. From their initial estimate and tree health assessment to the tree removal project our property needed, they exceeded expectations. Even when they required a crane to complete the work, the crew was efficient, incredibly knowledgable, and professional.

Pete W.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Needed a tree taken down and out of my yard. Showed up on time and did a nice job cleaning everything up. Will call back for future tree services I'm sure.
Chase Moore Avatar
Chase Moore
I was really impressed with Mike and the team here! They came out to remove a dead tree from my yard and did a great job. They were easy to work with and answered my questions.
Jose Mitchell Avatar
Jose Mitchell
Exceptional service and fast work! Will be using Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service in the future.
Alex P.

Tree Removal Can Be a Dangerous Job But Not For Our Certified Expert Arborists.

Don’t rely on amateurs to fulfill your tree service needs. Rely on Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service who has served the greater Lansing community for 20 years. Call us at (517) 790-0660
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