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Shrub Removal Lansing - When It Becomes Necessary

As arborists, we prioritize preserving the life of trees and other vegetation in the local area. Trees and other greenery are not only beautiful, but they keep our environment healthy and balanced. So, we are often reluctant to perform shrub removal in Lansing or the removal of any other type of vegetation.

However, there are times when we must remove trees and shrubs because they threaten the Michigan environment. Most of the time, they may be a threat because they could cause fires.

They can also be a threat because they house many wood-damaging or other unhealthy pests. Some shrubs may also be invasive, spreading through your yard and your neighbor's yard too fast, causing damage. Due to these reasons, we must remove shrubs from your property.

Is it time to remove that old shrub from your property? Call Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on this service.

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Why Invest in Tree and Shrub Removal in Lansing

Shrubs add a nice touch to your yard. They may not be as tall and majestic as trees, but they enhance your yard by providing another element of greenery. They can also help add a layer of privacy between you and your neighbors. Additionally, shrubs can form a windbreak to minimize powerful winds whipping through your yard and decreasing the temperatures in your home during cold weather. Therefore, it may be hard to fathom why you need shrub removal in Lansing, MI.

As with trees, shrubs can develop diseases, become infested, or die on your property. While there may not be a risk of shrubs tumbling over and causing property damage, there are other risks. These risks may involve wood-damaging pests that can get into your home, causing an infestation and severe damage to your wood surfaces. So, this is a significant advantage of removing shrubs from your property. Here are a few more reasons you should consider bush removal.

  • It keeps your yard looking tidy.
  • Shrub removal gets rid of invasive plants that cause damage.
  • It prevents hazards such as brush fires.
  • Shrub removal prevents injury to guests on your property.
  • It improves visibility, minimizing accidents as you leave your property in a vehicle.

These are a few important reasons to get shrub removal near Lansing. Call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE estimate on this essential service.

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Don't Let Pests Or Dead Shrubs Ruin Your Curb Appeal

You may have grown to love the shrub on your property because when it blooms, it may provide lots of colors and aesthetic beauty. It may also great place for beneficial insects to congregate. Unfortunately, your shrubs may not have been healthy for the past few seasons and have caused your yard to look unsightly. It may also be the source of wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants, wood borers, or termites. If your shrubs are no longer healthy and viable, it may be time for us to pay you a visit.

Since tree vegetation preservation is our primary goal, we may suggest pest control and disease treatments to solve the problem with your shrubs. These tactics will not only remove unwanted insects but may also bring your shrubs back to life. Thus, you will have the beautiful, lively vegetation you once had.

However, there are times when our treatments won't be of any help to your shrubs. In these instances, we encourage you to get shrub removal in Lansing to prevent destructive pests from destroying other parts of your property and to minimize bad curb appeal.

Is it time to get rid of the shrubs on your property? Call today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on shrub clearing.

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Why You Should Get Our Shrub Removal in Lansing

There comes a time in every shrub's life when it will need removal from your yard. Unfortunately, while there are ways for us to try to revive it, no tree company can bring severely damaged shrubs back to life. So who are you going to call to remove your shrub? Call on the experts at our Michigan tree removal company.

For over 20 years, we have provided outstanding tree care and removal services in Lansing and the surrounding areas. Our arborists use top-rated techniques to treat or remove vegetation from your land, whether you are a residential or commercial customer. We are licensed and insured and apply high levels of safety as we remove trees and other greenery from your property. From the beginning of the process until the end, we "wow" our customers with our excellent customer service.

Are you ready to join our growing list of satisfied customers in Lansing? Call today for a quote on shrub removal, and don't forget to check out our tree blog.



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Our Other Outstanding Tree Services in Lansing

Although we have been lauded for our outstanding removal services in Lansing and surrounding areas, our top priority is tree and shrub preservation. Therefore, we have plenty of other services we offer, designed to keep your vegetation healthy. Call us and learn more about our other spectacular tree and shrub care services and get a free estimate.

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