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Professional Tree Cutting Services in Lansing

Is your tree showing signs of distress, and do you suspect you need tree cutting in Lansing? We can help! Sometimes trees can undergo a lot of stress and trauma from the environment, putting you and your property at risk. For over 20 years, our arborists have been assessing tree health and deciding if one of our tree care services will make it healthy again or if we should cut trees down.

We specialize in cutting down various tree types, large and small. Our team safely cuts trees, minimizing the risk of injury or property damage. Let our experts inspect your tree to determine the best course of action. Call today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on our tree services in Lansing. Also, don't forget to check out our tree care blog.

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How Useful is Our Tree Cutting Service?

Cutting down trees can seem like a simple task to an amateur, but it takes more skill than knowing how to use an ax or chainsaw. In addition, felling trees can cause severe damage or injury. Besides this, cutting a tree is not a one-size-fits-all affair. In other words, different trees require different strategies for removal because they may be harder to cut than others. Our certified arborists know all the ins and outs of tree cutting because they have spent many years learning about it. They also know the safest way to cut trees to keep them from damaging property or causing injury.

Even if you are a staunch DIYer, cutting your tree is something you should leave to the experts. Our arborists use top-notch safety equipment and the right tools for the job. We are also highly experienced in cutting various types of trees, so we know the best way to fell your tree type. Besides, we can assess whether a tree needs cutting, as some trees don't require this service. Sometimes, all a tree needs is a few treatments and some pruning to make it healthy again.

If you suspect that your tree needs cutting, call us first. We can recommend some of our other tree care services or provide you with a FREE quote on tree cutting in Lansing.

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Get Tree Cutting in Lansing To Avoid Tree Collapse

Trees can endure a lot. However, when they are structurally damaged, the tree can be susceptible to collapse. When a tree is vulnerable, a simple breeze can knock it down. But how do you know whether your tree may fall? Here are a few indications that your tree could fall soon.

  • If it is a deciduous tree, you don't see it changing anymore
  • There are termites or other pests in the tree
  • It was struck recently by lightning
  • It has a V shape
  • You hardly ever get it pruned

While there is no way to predict whether a tree will fall for sure, these factors make the situation ripe for collapse. In most of these cases, our arborists will recommend tree cutting in Lansing MI to keep you and your property safe. But there are some other services we may be able to provide to make your tree healthy again.

Whether you need tree cutting services or one of our other 5-star tree services, call to get a FREE quote today!

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If My Tree is Damaged, Will An Arborist Remove My Entire Tree?

Usually, tree cutting refers to cutting your entire tree down. Some may even refer to it as tree felling. Our Lansing arborists typically encourage you to cut your entire tree if there are problems with it that could lead to a hazard. For instance, if there are structural issues with your tree that could cause it to fall during a storm, we may recommend that you get our bracing and cabling service. Or we may recommend that you get a tree cutting if the tree could lead to property damage or put you and your family in harm's way.

As arborists, it is our first duty to preserve the life of trees. They are critical to the environment, so we don't want to remove them unless it is necessary. Therefore, we may suggest other options to preserve the life of your tree. For example, if your tree has far too many branches and limbs, we may recommend our trimming and pruning services. These services not only make the tree look better but also keep it structurally safe.

If your tree is diseased by fungi or infested with pests, we may suggest that you try our disease treatment services if the damage is minimal. To determine what's best for your tree, arborists will inspect it and determine if they can save it or suggest our tree cutting service.

Would you like us to determine if you need tree cutting in Lansing? Then call us today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on our top-rated tree cutting service.



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What Other Removal Services Do We Offer?

Although tree cutting comprises a considerable part of our business, we offer many other tree services for residential and commercial customers. Tree trimming and pruning are popular tree care services. We also provide stump removal and disease treatment to help get rid of fungi and pests. If you would like to discuss which tree removal services would work best for you, call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote!

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