Do You Need Tree Root Removal in Lansing?

Fast Tree Root Removal in Lansing

Once your tree has been cut down, you may assume that your tree is officially dead. While it may not be the tree it used to be, the stump that remains is still active. Unfortunately, the dead tree stump can cause your yard more harm than good. This is why we suggest tree root removal in Lansing.

For over 20 years, we have provided safe, dependable tree services in Lansing. For an additional fee, we also offer tree root removal. This will remove the tree root from your property, preventing any injuries or other issues that may arise from keeping your tree root intact. Our arborists work quickly to remove the stump, freeing your yard from obstructions that take up space and make it unsightly.

Don't let your tree root stick around and wreak havoc on your lawn! Call us today for a FREE estimate on tree root removal services right away.

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Benefit Of Getting Tree Root Removal in Lansing

You may wonder, "if my tree is gone, why would I need tree root removal in Lansing." Well, just because your threatening tree is gone, this doesn't mean that there aren't any more troubles lurking from the tree root that remains. Here are some beneficial reasons you should try to remove your tree root from your property as soon as possible.

  • Minimize the spread of lawn diseases in your yard
  • Prevent accidents
  • Minimize rodents and other pests
  • Keeps your yard looking tidy
  • Provides more space for you to use in your yard, especially for entertaining
  • Keeps you from damaging your lawn mower

These are a few crucial reasons for removing large tree roots in Lansing. So don't hesitate any longer! Call today to get your FREE estimate on this essential service.

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Why You Should Get Tree Root Removal Right Away

When we remove a tree from your property, we will remove your stump at an additional cost. Sometimes, homeowners opt not to pay the extra fee and allow the tree root to remain on their property. Some may call us later to remove it, while others may incorporate it creatively into their yard space.

While using your stump as creative seating in your yard may be tempting, we recommend you remove it as soon as possible. One reason is that leaving a stump in your yard may create a trip hazard for your guests or small children. This could result in serious injury. Another reason to remove your stump as soon as possible is that it may continue to grow. If your tree's roots keep growing, it may cause foundation problems or create issues for the pipes underneath your home's foundation.

One final reason you should eliminate stumps on your lawn is that they could grow fungus and develop pests. The fungus itself may not be threatening, but if you have small children or pets, they may consume mushrooms that grow from the fungus and get sick. Also, stumps could harbor wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants or termites that could easily get into your house and cause damage.

To get a free estimate on tree root removal in Lansing, call us today! Also, don't forget to check out our tree blog.

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Entrust Our Company with Tree Replanting & Tree Care

Trees aren't just decorations in the yard. While they are a lovely part of your landscape, they are beneficial for various reasons. For instance, one reason to have trees on your lawn is that they provide shade. This shade can help regulate the indoor temperatures of your house. They can also provide a windbreak for your home in the winter, keeping out some cold air. Additionally, healthy trees help improve your home's value.

You don't have to leave your lawn barren when we remove your tree and the root from your property. Instead, we can replant a tree or two in your yard so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of trees on your property.

Have you recently had tree removal services but want us to replace your tree? Call today to get a free estimate on tree planting services in Lansing.



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Other Outstanding Tree Services Available in Lansing

Although tree root removal services are a big part of our services in Lansing, they are not our only service. As arborists, one of our missions is to save the life of trees as often as we can. This is why tree and shrub removal is one of our last resorts. When your tree is suffering from distress, we may offer tree disease treatments, pruning, trimming, and pest control to nurse your tree back to health. If your property doesn't have trees, we also plant them. Call to learn more about our other tree services in Lansing.

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