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Get Started with Tree Stump Removal in Lansing, MI

Are you worried about you or your guests stumbling over a stump in your yard? Or would you like more space in your yard for leisure activities, but a giant tree stump is in the way? Then, you may need tree stump removal in Lansing.

For over 20 years, we have provided this essential service to allow homeowners to have more space in their yards and prevent costly problems that may arise from keeping tree stumps on the property. As a result, we are one of the most sought-after tree companies in the local area.

Our residential and commercial customers can count on us for any tree care and removal services. So why don't you join our growing list of satisfied customers? Start today by calling to schedule your free inspection and get an estimate on stump removal in Lansing or any of our other essential tree services.

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Benefits of Getting Tree Stump Removal

While many customers take advantage of our tree removal services, some fail to take advantage of our stump removal in Lansing. Part of the reason many homeowners don't take advantage of these services is that they don't think there is any harm in keeping stumps on the property. In fact, some homeowners may think of creative ways to use a tree stump on their property. Unfortunately, keeping a tree stump is not ideal. Here are some benefits of getting rid of tree stumps.

  • Makes your yard appear more spacious.
  • Improves your curb appeal.
  • Prevents the spread of disease and pests.
  • Minimizes the possibility of injury on your property.
  • Keeps trees from growing back on your property.
  • Makes it easier to cut the grass in your yard.

Don't let tree stumps cause unnecessary expenses on your property! Instead, call our team of arborists today to request stump removal for your Lansing home.

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Prevent Pests and Disease With Tree Stump Removal in Lansing

Many homeowners believe that the remaining stump isn't much of a threat once we have removed their tree from their property. After all, once we remove the tree, it would seem that stump removal in Lansing wouldn't be necessary since the immediate threat is gone.

Depending on the type of tree you had in your yard, it may have been prone to diseases like leaf spots, powdery mildew, or root rot. Such infections may develop within the tree or the root system itself. If stumps remain, these diseases could spread to the grass and soil that once surrounded your tree. Another threat to your trees is pests. Again, depending on the type of tree in your yard, it could attract certain kinds of insects, including aphids, bark beetles, carpenter ants, borers, and other destructive pests.

These pests can set up nests within tree stumps and destroy the stump of your tree. Once they have eliminated this food source, these destructive pests may find their way into your home, destroying the wood surfaces within it. This is why getting our tree removal services is an excellent idea to protect your home from expensive damage.

Our tree specialist will remove tree stumps to prevent such threats on your property. Call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on getting rid of tree stumps in Lansing!

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Do You Need Many Stumps Removed From Your Property?

Some homeowners may request our tree removal services and only need one tree safely removed from their property. However, there are some homeowners who need to have several trees removed from the property. Thus, they will need several tree stumps removed in order to provide more space, prevent injury, or even make way for a new recreation item such as pools or tennis courts. If you need several stumps removed from your residential property, Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service can help.

In addition to providing tree stump removal in Lansing for residential customers we also provide tree stump removal for commercial customers. If you need to work on a building project or clear land for a golf course, we've got you covered.

Many residential and commercial customers appreciate our stump clearing services because they are fast and efficient. Our friendly arborists will help you clear your space of tree stumps quickly so that you can get to work on your projects. Our arborists are highly skilled and use safe techniques to protect your home and other parts of your property. No matter how big or small your job is you can count on us to provide outstanding stopping all services.

Call today to request an inspection and get a free estimate on residential or commercial tree stump removal.



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"My wife and I had a great experience with Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service. From their initial estimate and tree health assessment to the tree removal project our property needed, they exceeded expectations. Even when they required a crane to complete the work, the crew was efficient, incredibly knowledgable, and professional."
- Pete W.

Try Our Other Remarkable Tree Services

Our highly skilled tree arborists provide outstanding stump removal in Lansing. However, this is not our only specialty. We work hard to keep your trees looking great with our state-of-the-art tree pruning and trimming services. Additionally, we provide disease treatment and pest control services to make your tree healthy again. If your trees pose a threat to your safety or could potentially damage your property, we also offer tree removal services. Call today to learn more about these services and get a FREE quote.

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