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Why You Should Choose Professional Tree Care in Lansing

Caring For and Protecting Trees Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Who should you choose for your tree care in Lansing? Well, it definitely shouldn't be an amateur. Tree care seems like it's nothing more than cutting limbs off of a tree. However, it is far more complicated than this. As a matter of fact, amateurs can destroy trees by trimming and pruning the wrong branches. As a result, this could put you and your property at risk for falling limbs, or worse, tree collapse.

Our insured, certified arborists know how to care for trees. We have been doing so for decades in Lansing and the surrounding areas of East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte. We employ top-notch tree removal and tree care techniques that protect the tree and keep our customers safe from harm.

Don't let weekend warriors trim away your shrubs or limbs! Instead, contact the professional arborists at Lansing Tree Trimming and Removal Service today for a FREE quote on any of our 5-star tree service in Lansing.

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Our Extraordinary Tree Care in Lansing

Why Do I Need Tree Trimming?

Some people wonder why trimming is necessary. It does seem counterintuitive to remove tree branches instead of letting them grow. However, trimming them is actually what helps trees to grow correctly. Trees that aren't cut regularly can have an overgrowth of limbs and branches.

This not only looks aesthetically unappealing but also can harm the tree or even cause damage to your property. Too many branches growing in one area of the tree competing for sun, air, and nutrients will eventually lead to some limbs dying. As limbs and branches die, they could end up falling on your roof or car, causing costly damages.

Instead of letting nature decide which limbs and branches stay and go, we take control of the decision so that you don't have to worry about limbs falling on your property.

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Tree Pruning Tree Care in Lansing

Along with trimming, pruning is also necessary. Pruning helps protect the structure of a tree. A skilled and trained arborist will examine how the tree is growing and will be able to see which limbs may compromise the tree's structure in the future. We remove these branches and limbs so that essential parts of the tree can have their fair share of sun, air, and nutrients. Pruning is also an excellent way to train your tree to grow a certain way.

For instance, if your tree grows without pruning or trimming, the tree's trajectory may have it rise in a direction that may eventually cause harm to your roof. Skilled arborists can foresee such problems and remove branches and limbs before they cause damage to your property.

Are you ready to start your tree care regimen with tree pruning in Lansing? Call us today for a FREE quote on our services.

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We Control Tree Growth With Tree Shaping in Lansing

You don't have to have your trees grow the typical way that most trees grow. It's okay to have some fun with them every once in a while. You can do this with tree shaping in Lansing. This whimsical approach to caring for trees makes trees look beautiful and controls how trees grow.

Like pruning, shaping your trees will prevent branches from coming in contact with power lines, your gutter, or roof shingles as they grow. Instead, once we graft, brace, and train them in the direction they should grow, they will continue to grow this way. What you will have is a yard that is both beautiful and functional.

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When Should I Consider Planting & Transplanting?

If your home or business can use some greenery, we can help. Our skilled arborists can plant trees throughout your yard so that you can benefit from their shade once they mature. In addition to shade, newly planted trees will give your yard the balance it needs, especially if there aren't any trees on your property.

Aside from planting new trees, we can also transplant trees. If your tree is causing problems where it is currently growing, or it could benefit from more sunlight in another area of your yard, we encourage you to try our transplanting services. With transplanting, we move a tree from one location of your property to another one so that they continue to grow without causing damage as they grow.

Do you want some new trees or want older trees transplanted in your yard? Our expert arborists can help. Contact us today to get started with your FREE quote on these services and our other excellent tree care in Lansing.

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Keep Your Yard Looking Good With Shrub Trimming

Caring for your shrubs can be a great way to boost your curb appeal. This is why we offer shrub trimming in Lansing. Some people may cut their shrubs when they mow their lawn. However, if you're not aware of how to properly trim and prune shrubs, you can cause damage to them that can cause them to die or become diseased.

Our skilled arborists know how to trim shrubs properly. We can also tell if shrubs are experiencing trouble and recommend the proper treatments to prevent decay or insects.

We recommend getting your shrubs trimmed between one and four times a year. Keeping your shrubs trimmed and pruned will have your yard looking fabulous!

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We Correct Problems With Weak Trees By Cabling & Bracing Them

As trees grow, if they aren't trimmed and pruned appropriately, they may develop a U or V shape. As the branches grow on either side, an overgrowth of branches may put the tree's canopy at risk. Some branches may be heavier on one side, and the overall tree structure may be compromised. As a result, during a strong storm or high winds, this could blow the branches down or even cause the entire tree to collapse.

In some cases, if the tree's structure is severely compromised, we recommend that customers remove the tree. On the other hand, we can address this problem by cabling and bracing the tree until it is strong enough to support its own weight.

Do you want us to try to save your favorite tree? Our tree care company can inspect it and let you know if cabling and bracing are appropriate. Call to schedule your inspection and get your FREE quote on cabling in Lansing.

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Your Tree Can Be Healthy Again With Tree Disease Treatment

Sometimes trees can get infested with harmful insects or fungus that can destroy the tree and compromise its structure, making it susceptible to falling into your yard. So if you see lots of limbs and branches falling from your tree, it doesn't mean that your tree is dead. It could mean it is infected, however.

One of our highly skilled arborists can come out and assess the trees on your property and determine the best plan of action. If your trees are infected, we can apply tree disease treatments and other types of injections to eliminate the infestations. In a short time, your trees will be back in a healthy state.

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What Cities Near Lansing Are Included In Our Service Areas?

We are just a phone call away if you need tree care or tree removal services in or near Lansing. We typically provide services to East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte. If you are near one of these cities, we may still be able to provide you with our excellent tree care and removal. Call for a FREE quote.

Tree Removal Can Be a Dangerous Job But Not For Our Certified Expert Arborists.

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